Zeroday Brewing Alternative Facts – #30beersfor30years

30 beers for 30 years

I’m so far behind, but there are only so many hours in a day. While I’ve definitely still been drinking, I’m not doing my part in telling you about it. Let’s get back to it!

Tonight I got home and made dinner, set myself up on the couch to work on Harrisburg Beer Week items, and was interrupted by the other half who proclaimed “WE HAVE TO GO TO ZERODAY, THEY HAVE A NEW ENGLAND STYLE IPA ON RIGHT NOW.” So, I got out of my comfy clothes, put on shoes, and headed to Zeroday Brewing for their newest release, Alternative Facts.

zeroday alternative facts

This is Zeroday’s first ‘hazy IPA’, ‘New England IPA’, or whatever you choose to describe these newer trendy milkshake-esque beers. I found the beer to have an awesome citrus aroma as soon as I brought it to my face. It’s beautifully orange and hazy in appearance and pours nicely with a small amount of head. Flavor-wise, it was much more bitter than I expected, but I think that is really my personal opinion – everyone around me was remarking on how juicy and citrusy it was. I do like the soft feel of these trendy brews that everyone is all about right now. It makes them easy to drink, and with Alternative Facts at 6.5% there’s no real guilt in having more than one on a weeknight.

I definitely don’t expect this beer to last long, and from the sounds of it there may not be a second batch, so if you have time to get to Zeroday I would recommend doing so ASAP. And those are NOT alternative facts.

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