She Said/He Said: Wicked Weed Garcon de Ferme Review

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with a fellow craft beer lover, Loran Sekely.  Loran is also a local blogger and is working on a podcast broadcasted from Fort Mill, SC.

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Loran and I met at one of my favorite local spots Pintville to review a beer together.  After looking at the tap list and in the cooler we both decided on a bottle of Wicked Weed Brewing’s Garçon de Ferme. Garçon (as I am going to call it for this post) is a foeder-aged wild ale with Brettanomyces and over a pound and a half of peaches per gallon. You had me at peaches.

We reviewed the beer on appearance, smell, taste and over all thoughts. Mind you we are not certified beer judges but two people in a craft beer bar discussing a wonderful beer.



Loran – Cloudy, light in carbonation

Amanda – Little to no head once poured in the glass. Virtually opaque. The color is light peach.



Loran – light peach notes and as the glass warms the fruit comes forward more and more.

Amanda – this beer had the distinct farmhouse smell of earth and grass. Under that wonderful smell lingers the faint hint of peaches, and even a little guava.


Loran – a very approachable sour. This is the perfect sour to enjoy on a hot southern summer day.

Amanda – the sour has a bright fruit note with almost a jam like quality. The peaches add a light and almost floral note to this sour. If you are new to sour beers this is a great intro to this unique and fascinating style.

The one issue we did have was the peach taste faded out very fast on the palette. And trust me, this is a taste you want to linger allowing you to savor each sip.

Overall this is a great bottle to buy if you just exploring the world of Wicked Weed. Loran and I both agreed that we will be buying a few more bottles of Garçon de Ferme at Pintville as the bottle we shared was only $11.49, and I was very pleased with that price. Loran and I both agreed that this bottle may not age well so grab a friend, a few glasses and head to the porch to enjoy Garçon de Ferme by Wicked Weed Brewing.



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  1. Nice review! I just picked up a bottle of this beer and was thinking about aging it. I’m curious why you two didn’t think it would age well. Cheers!

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