What to do When All Your Friends Wine

Let’s face it, it’s not that girls don’t drink beer, they do, but wine is by far the more popular beverage choice among the fairer sex. Often my gang of girls opt to bond over bottles of vino at happy hours, wine tasting, tours, and impromptu gatherings, so what’s a dedicated beer babe to do?

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1) Be known for your generosity:

Often when women visit my house they are struck by the variety of beers that I have on hand. It’s rare for someone to leave my house without a six pack to try. Once I’ve established a flavor profile of someone’s likes (fruit, chocolate, coffee, etc) I can generally find them at least one or two beers that may expand their thoughts beyond the light yellow water they have come to associate with beer.

2) Bring a bomber instead of a bottle:

If I’m going to a friend’s place, I will bring a bottle of vino for the hostess, but also at least one or two bombers of beer to share. I like to change it up a little bit for them, plus they’re always a great conversation item.

3) Two words: Beer cocktails

Folgers used to advertise that they replaced your regular coffee with crystals, your mom used to sneak vegetables into your food, and the entire family on Charles in Charge came back as completely different people and no one seemed to notice (least of all Charles). Why not use a beer cocktail as a gateway to the wonderful world of craft? When your friends compliment your cocktail craftsmanship, tell them they are having a beertini, beermosa, or any number of mixed drink mashups.

4) Hold a tasting/pairing:

tasting night

Get the girls together and make it a party. Prepare note cards with a flavor profile, ABV, IBUs, and pairing ideas help the uninitiated to decide and discover what types of beers may be more to their liking. Last year I held an Oktoberfest and my guests were supplied with a take home tasting sheet and dirndls.

5) Lastly, if you cant beat’em, join’em

Meetups are a great way to meet other like minded beer aficionados. Boasting everything from bottle shares, weekly tastings, pub crawls, and beer tours, these are all great ways to meet other beer gals. Find your locale libation partners at meetup.com. Also, try searching for Twitter hastags like #craftbeer and #tweetup. You will never know who you’ll find!

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  1. I find the women that love wine really like the whole craft beer presentation. The glass, the aroma, taste, the surprise. I think the tasting parties are a great way to go.

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