A Visit to Night Shift Brewing

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A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA. I had been hearing about the brewery since the opening in 2012 and made a pact with myself to get there on my trip to Boston this year. I can tell all of you, it’s worth the trip! What I find most interesting about this brewery is that the location is a bit off the beaten path, but they still get the foot traffic to their brewery and taproom.

The brewery and taproom are quite minimal in decor, but you are surrounded by owls, which is an integral part of their branding and logo. Most of their beer is offered in sample size pours or full pints based on style and ABV. I opted to sample the entire line-up with a colleague of mine to get the best of all worlds. As you may or may not know, Night Shift has become ever popular among sour beer fans and their Barrel Society has become an ever growing project for them. Tara, one of the bartenders at Night Shift, was a previous The Bruery employee who helped with their Reserve Society prior to joining Night Shift. Tara now is an integral part of the Barrel Society and really enjoys being a part of every area at Night Shift.

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I am a big sour beer fan, so I was ready to pucker up for some good sour brews. The Barrel Society brew is only available for members, however a very nice member offered to buy me one, which made me very happy. Orion was the name of the beer, it is a barrel-aged sour dark ale. The brew has a malty base with a lot of fruity flavor. The ale is incredibly complex. As directed by the bartender Mike, I let the beer warm a bit, which just intensifies the flavor of this beer. The other beer worth mentioning is called Root. This saison is brewed with purple carrots, parsnips and aged on sorrel leaves. For those of you interested about sorrel, it has a texture like spinach, but with a sour flavor profile and often times is referred to as sour grass. This one-of-a-kind beer has a beautiful red color to it and tastes along the lines of a dry wine. My colleague and I were most surprised by this beer as we weren’t too sure about even tring it, but ended up really enjoying it. The moral of this story is to give things a try because you might be surprised!

One of the best parts about Night Shift Brewing is the BYOF policy – Bring Your Own Food. We ended up ordering a pizza from a local pizza place, which the bartenders were quick to recommend. In less than 30 minutes, our food arrived and the staff at Night Shift were quick to offer napkins for clean pizza enjoyment.

Between the friendly staff, inviting environment, and the great beer, Night Shift is a must stop if you are in the Boston area.

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