Veil Brewing Never Know – The Best Beer I Had All Summer

veil never know pineapple gose

I’ve become one of those lucky people who gets her hands on Veil Brewing on the reg. While it’s mostly NEIPAs that don’t excite me, every now and then a gose arrives unexpectedly, and my mouth starts to water. Oftentimes they are fruited goses, which are always alright with me. When that pineapple gose showed up, well to say I was excited is an understatement.

I love pineapple. Pineapple everything. Pineapple beer is no exclusion. I’ve tried a lot of pineapple beers from the Pineapple Sculpin (thumbs down, not enough pineapple flavor) to Rivertowne Hala Kahiki (thumbs up, but very aggressive pineapple flavor). Never Ever is the one that has earned my affection. My attention. My desire for more.

While I love fruit beers, there is a discussion to be had for and against what the fruit does to the beer, and to me it’s a matter of preference. Sometimes when fruit adjuncts are added they become the beer. There is no flavor of the base beer remaining, just an assault of fruit flavor. Sometimes when fruit adjuncts are added they complement the beer, bringing forth the depth of flavor within the base beer itself. Both can be quite tasty, but it’s important to know this distinction so I can tell you why this is the best beer I had this summer.

Never Know is the first gose I’ve received from Veil Brewing that actually tastes like a gose. 

Remember, I said this is a matter of preference with fruit beers, but when it comes to goses with flavors added, I want it to still be a gose. I want to get that tart, that salty, that somewhat cereal-like malt flavor. I want the flavor additions to add to that, but not mask it.

Never Know is the first gose I’ve received from Veil Brewing that actually tastes like a gose.

veil never know selfie

As soon as I tasted it, I ravenously went back for more. It almost went down quickly until I pulled myself back to savor the last few moments we had together. And like many of my encounters with Veil beers, this would be the only time this beer graces my lips. The perfectly tart yet sweet flavor from the pineapple is present from start to finish, mingled with the perfect amount of salt, finished with more pineapple.

Veil describes it as “We completely bombed this one out with tons of(literally!) pounds of pineapple purée. This one is insane. It literally just tastes like carbonated pineapple juice,” but I feel like that sells this beer quite short. It’s got more depth of flavor to it than just carbonated pineapple juice. But hey, that’s me, and I’m the pineapple queen so maybe I’m a little biased.

The flavor is tremendous. Salt. Tart. Dry. Pineapple. A perfect amount of pineapple that doesn’t overwhelm the palate, or the beer, complementing each other sip after sip.

So can you get some? Probably not, as is the way with Veil beers. But if you get a chance, you know maybe this weekend at someone’s bottle share or something, don’t bypass this one. Have a sip and see if you can resist.

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