Valerie Delligatti’s Dream Six Pack – How to #DrinkLikeAGirl

One of the best parts of the craft beer scene is getting to meet bad ass women who work in the beer industry. These women inspire us, challenge us, and lead us and we’re happy to be telling their stories. At Stouts & Stilettos, being a woman is never seen a detriment, and using the phrase ‘like a girl’ in any sense that isn’t empowering just isn’t a part of our vernacular.

You want to #DrinkLikeAGirl? We’re ready to show you how, with the help of some of the coolest chicks in craft beer. We’re asking each to come up with their dream sixer, because no one can pick just one favorite beer.


Meet Valerie Delligatti of Harrisburg, PA (but hailing from Chicago,IL). Valerie works as a Yeast Coordinator at Tröegs Independent Brewing. Over the years, Valerie’s has found that her responsibilities have evolved and that her day involves a bit of everything. Routine lab analysis of fermenting wort and finished beer in various stages of production has grown to include the curation and upkeep of a ‘yeast library’ as well as weekly yeast propagation to fulfill production needs. She also collects and prepares beer samples for their sensory panel, where she offers an educated opinion on the status of most of the beer Tröegs makes as it moves through its life cycle. It’s all in a day’s work for Valerie, who says she loves having the opportunity to work for Troegs.

Picking just six can be difficult, but our girl Valerie was up for the task. Get read to really #DrinkLikeAGirl with her dream six-pack:

IT’S TOO HARD TO ONLY PICK 6! Seriously though, I love so many beers that I could crush every day. I settled on 6 of my most memorable beers from my past, shares, and brewery excursions, a literal mix of styles too.

  1. Hill Farmstead Flora Cuvée 2012. They are killing it in the saison game!Flora Cuvée 2012 blend is a beautifully complex, delicate, and yet balanced blend of saisons. It really surprised me as my personal favorite of a recent bottle share I attended. Hill Farmstead is my favorite brewery in the upper Northeast!
  2. Tired Hands Jeepster Dust. Brewed in memory of an old friend of the brewery, it was so good when it came out that I wanted to drink it for forever. The combination of hops, mouth feel, and alcohol were in perfect harmony. I’ve had SO MANY “would crush again” beers from Tired Hands, but this one stood out and I hope they’ll revisit it someday.
  3. Three Floyd’s Dark Lord, Marshmallow Handjee variant. FFF has long been a favorite stout-brewing-force-to-be-reckoned-with, especially with their bourbon barrel aged vanilla variant of Dark Lord, Marshmallow Handjee. THIS. BEER. IS. AMAZING. It’s everything sweet pillowy vanilla stout dreams are made of.  Enough said.
  4. Cantillon Fou’ Foune. This brew is also in my top favorite ‘fruited sours’. Yes, deep down I’m still a girl that loves plenty of ‘fruity beers’. For my tastes, old school European styles, especially ones involving fruit, really make life worth living. Cantillon Fou’ Foune makes life worth living. The fruit, the funk, the whole lambic shebang.
  5. New Glarus Berliner Weisse. This, for me, is a special one. Now that we’ve established that I like sour beers let me tell you about the first sour beer my 21 year-old self stumbled upon shopping around, New Glarus Berliner Weisse. They had me at “Champagne of the North”, I love this beer. It’s just so refreshing. The carbonation is on point, and it’s got the best balance of wheaty, to tart, to funky flavors and aromas.
  6. The beer I brew. Picking this last one isnt about just one beer, but the many beers that we’ve brewed at Tröegs since I started working there. Some of my favorite go-to beers are the ones I’m around all day at work. Today it’s Sunshine Pilsner. The other day I enjoyed a Crimson Pistil while out hiking. 4th of July weekend I was cracking Nimble Giant cans like nobody’s business. Living in the moment and enjoying the beers you have at hand is a must. I can chase white whales from other breweries until it makes me hate the beer scene, but there’s always gonna be something fresh and delicious on tap at Tröegs.

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  1. Anything I’ve had from Three Floyd’s has always been delicious and well crafted.

    The name “Tired Hands Jeepster Dust” makes me want to try it, period.

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