Valentine’s Day the Craft Beer Way, Part 1

Few holidays have the ability to conjure up such anticipation and anxiety like Valentine’s Day. But, before you find yourself standing in line at 7-11 waiting to buy a stuffed bear with one weirdly misshapen eye or a velvet rose, let’s take this time to think outside the box (of chocolate). There are many ways to combine your passion for craft beer with the person you are passionate about.

This year instead of chocolates or a bouquet, why not give a basket of beer? There are an endless variety of chocolate beers and ways to convey your feelings of l’amour with beer related products.

Be crafty about your love of craft beer and check out the unique and inspired gifts and cards at Etsy.

etsy gifts

The cards are listed between $4-8, and can be found here and here. The super cute keychain below it could also be used as an adorable necklace. It is listed at $23 and can be found here.

Looking for some unique options to the traditional Valentine’s Day ‘bling’? Check out these fancy bottle openers!

bling ring necklace bracelet

The necklaces at the top don’t even appear to be bottle openers to the unsuspecting eye and make excellent statement pieces. Plus, we’re sure your lady hasn’t seen something like this before! They’re listed at $64 and are available here. Not ready for commitment beyond your beer you’re sharing? Look no further than this awesome bottle opener ring. It’s listed at $135 and can be found here. Finally, this bracelet appears to be a basic bangle but don’t be fooled, it is also a bottle opener! This is listed at $60 over here.

Also, drink in your love with a chocolate beer! They’re much better than those stale chocolates in aisle 4, and if you’re lucky she’ll let you have some too. Here are a few suggestions I recommend:

Have a romance that’s full of spice? Try these out to heat things up:

chocolate beers

Annnnnnd once you’ve consumed all that beer, it’s sexy time!

shoes and belt buckles

Black stiletto bottle opener shoes! It’s like they were made with us in mind! Sizes and pricing varies, check them out here. Display the fruits of your drinking in this red heeled bottle holder, which you may recognize from earlier posts of mine. Only $20 here! Oh and gentlemen, check out this bottle opener belt buckle at $22 here.

Of course there is always the chance that things aren’t going so well, in which case you can always place a call to Jerry Springer and pick up a bottle of (Clown Shoes) Tramp Stamp or (Stone’s) Arrogant Bastard. Clean up on aisle three!

tramp stamp bastard
Will this be you? We hope not...

***Please note, pricing and availability subject to change)

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