Craft Beer Gear: Upcycled Beer Signs

For the past 10 years, my husband Derek and I have been turning our passion for craft beer into art. Not only am I a designer and artist but I am also somewhat of a hoarder. Well not really -I just like to save things from going into the trash that could be repurposed and reused, especially things that are beautifully designed, like craft beer packaging. I mean, some of the artwork is incredibly stunning. The colors. The typography. The illustrations. Not to mention the vast range of art styles that are represented. Each brewery’s brand identity is unique.

Derek came up with the idea to save these works of art that we hesitated to throw in the recycle bin. He’s really the master craftsman. He taught me how to build the frames and do the overall assembly so we can work together on our little hobby. And, I help identify which pieces of artwork people would most likely hang on their walls. > View How Each is Made (below)

The upcycled beer signs are great gift ideas for those hard to shop for folks. They can be used to decorate for the holidays – I have pumpkin beers listed and Christmas themed artwork as well. Of course, the man cave or basement bar wouldn’t be complete without some craft beer art.

We use the long side of the holder which has the most art square footage on the packaging.

Upcycled Beer Signs from 6 Packs

Since these are smaller pieces of artwork, we mount and shadow box either a bottle cap, real dried hop leaf, top of a cork or other element from the packaging above the four pack.

Upcycled Beer Signs from 4 Packs, Caps & Corks

The artwork on the cans is carefully cut out and then flattened. These are interesting because they have a slight reflective quality adding a bit of intrigue and dimension.

Upcycled Beer Signs from Beer Cans

You can search our eBay Store by brewery or really any keyword such as IPA, Pumpkin, Lager, etc.

We have over 250 different upcycled beer signs from a variety of breweries.

Each piece is totally custom-made when ordered. We start with lightly used beer packaging, whether that be a six pack holder, aluminum can, bottle cap, etc. We select packaging that has the best imprint and is free of damage. Then we hand cut high quality, black mat board to hold the packaging artwork in place.

The next step is to build the frame. Each is made inhouse to a finished size of 9.5″ x 11.5″. The frame is smooth and square with a matte black finish for a modern look. We get the custom-cut glass front from a local shop in Carlisle, PA.

Each piece has a sealed back to protect the artwork from being damaged. A wall hanger is affixed to the back of the frame so your upcycled beer sign is ready to be displayed when it arrives at your door.


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