Troegs Nimble Giant: 30 Second Beer Review

troegs nimble giant

Sometimes a new beer comes along that really excites me. Troegs Independent Brewing Company’s Nimble Giant is that beer.

After months of tweaking, what was once a scratch beer has come out of its chrysalis as a beautiful brew. As soon as you crack the can (or receive your pint from your favorite bartender) the aroma hits you and immediately grabs your attention. Tropical notes of passion fruit are present and will cast their spell on you. Once you take a sip, you’ll be caught in the Giant’s web in no time. There’s no turning back, only moving forward, as it takes you as its prey. It starts with refreshing tangerine citrusy notes, then transforms to sticky mosaic hop dankness, only to finish back on the tropical mango fruit flavors. It’s a sneaky 9% ABV, you won’t realize you’ve succumbed to the Giant until it’s over.

Honestly, I think Bearcat on Beer said it best when he said this beer is for drinking. It has the fruit flavors without the fruit infusions. It tastes fantastic, comes in pounder cans, and is incredibly enjoyable. Day drink responsibly.

Style: 2xIPA
Hops: Azacca, Mosaic, Simcoe
IBU: 69
ABV: 9%

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