Things to Do: Chef’s Table Dinner at Garlic Poet with Free Will Brewing

garlic poet beer dinner free will

Get ready for yet another decadent Chef’s Table Dinner at The Garlic Poet this weekend, this time featuring Free Will Brewing. For those unfamiliar with Free Will, they are new to our area and hail from Perkasie PA. This dinner’s pairings certainly don’t disappoint and can be found as follows:

Course 1:
Escolar sashimi, shaved cucumber, cucumber-soy water, celery leaf, celery seed, Kohlrabi, and wasabi vinaigrette. Paired with: Free Will Community Kolsch – 4.8% ABV (10 oz. serving)

Course 2:
Charcuterie! Braised Pork Terrine: spring vegetables, hopped pork aspic, and marigold petals. House made pickles, malted flatbread, cave aged cheddar, and whole grain IPA mustard. Paired with: Free Will Sputnik 31 (Smoked Porter) – 7.5% ABV (10 oz. serving)

Course 3:
Handmade blue corn tortillas, braised grass-fed, organic beef oxtail, mango, grilled spring onion and fresno chilies. Paired with: Free Will Danae Hoppy Saison – 7.9% ABV (10 oz. serving)

Course 4:
Bizcocho de Fuego. Paired with: Free Will Two Brothers IPA – 7.4% (10 oz. serving)

Here’s the rundown:

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