There’s a New Beer in Towne – Meet Towne Park Brewing Co.

towne park brewing now open

There’s a New Beer in Towne!

Anaheim, CA. – Towne Park Brew is proud to announce the opening of their first flagship brewery in Anaheim, California coming September 2017. The brewery is one of the largest and most notable craft brewery’s in the area with an impressive 20,000-square foot, 30-barrel brew house, catering to the community of like-minded, quality craft-beer enthusiasts and social explorers.

Head Brewer, Jeremy Mayo with Towne Park Brew Founder, Brett Lawrence at the Towne Park Brewery in Anaheim, California

Situated next to the train tracks in the heart of “upTOWNE” Anaheim, the brewery is a welcoming indoor and outdoor setting, housing Towne Park’s barrels and tasting room, a private event space, as well as kegging, canning and bottling line operation. When the industrial doors are rolled up, hops and good times fill the old train station-inspired tap room, serving as the perfect location for brewery tours, community events, and private parties.

Towne Park Brew was founded by Brett Lawrence, an Orange County native and entrepreneur, who started Towne Park from nothing but a home brew kit and a passion for a good, cold beer. During the last four years, Towne Park Brew focused on perfecting the recipes based on feedback from family and friends, who had experienced the early brew at Rancho Las Lomas, a Lawrence Family event property. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of his family and his love for a quality, drinkable beer, Lawrence wanted Towne Park to be something more than just another start-up craft beer. With the help of an incredible team, he set out to build a brewery from the ground up. Lawrence recruited Jeremy Mayo, a seasoned brewer and craft beer expert, to ensure that Towne Park’s beer is not only flavorful and unique, but exceptional in taste and enjoyed by both beer savants and those in search of something new.

With Brett’s vision and Jeremy’s expertise, Towne Park is proud to publicly unveil their take on six of the most iconic beers. Towne Park aims to be recognized for the bold flavors that craft beer is proud to represent; without the heaviness that consumers have grown to accept. The brewery will debut something for every beer-drinker’s palate: an American Lager, an India Pale Ale, a White Ale, a Pale Ale, an Amber Ale and a smooth Blonde Ale – derived from the original Blonde Ale that Lawrence home-brewed back in 2013. The new Towne Park brewing facility is equipped to produce about 20,000 barrels annually.

towne park brewing packaging

The entire portfolio of Towne Park cans, bottles and kegs will be available this fall throughout Southern California. The Towne Park brewery will also keep 10 additional and exclusive styles on draft rotation in the tap room for the thirsty enthusiast. The Towne Park Tap Room will officially open to the public the weekend of September 22, 2017.

Towne Park Brew
1566 West Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, California 9280

For more information about Towne Park Brew, please visit @TowneParkBrew

About Towne Park Brew

Towne Park Brew was founded on the belief that good beer reflects the community it creates. We believe beer brings us together; it doesn’t play favorites. Beer is a catalyst for conversation, for celebration and inspires creativity. Our mission is to brew the best pint for a diverse flavor palate, perfect for sharing with friends from all walks of life – blue collar, white collar, no collar. We believe in beer, we believe in people, we believe in a good time. ‘It’s your Towne. Paint it’.

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