The U.S. Women’s Open 2015: Exclusive Beer & Shandy

U.S. Women's Open 2015
As you all know this past week (July 6-12), the 2015 U.S. Women’s Open crowned In Gee Chun the winner and champion of this prestigious golf competition that is now in its 70th year. And, you probably have heard that the event was held at the Lancaster Country Club (LCC) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But did you know that a signature shandy was created just for the tournament? Lucky for me, I only live an hour away from Lancaster so it was a “must drink” for me. Plus I wanted to witness and celebrate amazing women killing it on the golf course. These ladies are powerhouse athletes in their own rite. I was truly blown away by their skills.

Spring House Brewing Co.’s President, Matt Keasey, teamed up with Greg Myers, Executive Chef of Lancaster Country Club to collaborate on a brew specifically for drinking at the clubhouse this year during the hot summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It was a no brainer to brew a funky, citrusy belgian saison that incorporates lemon zest during the brewing process. And, not just any lemons were used. Spent lemons were used from that very popular lemonade that club serves during the summer.

1761 Farm House at the Lancaster Country ClubFUN FACT: The beer was named after the historic country club property that was first settled on in 1761. In fact, the original house built in 1761 is still standing. So it’s no wonder the beer was named: 1761 Farmhouse Ale.

U.S Women's Open ShandyTHE BEVERAGE
What do you get when you mix Spring House Brewing Company’s 1761 Farmhouse Ale with the LCC’s Homemade Lemonade? A refreshing Shandy to sip on while watching the U.S. Women’s Open. Pure genius in my book. Nothing was more satisfying on the almost 90 degree day.

Only available in the clubhouse and 1761 VIP Concession stand, you had to kind of know someone to get in or shell out big bucks for the all-access pass. I have my cousin to thank for getting me in to the tournament and this VIP area to taste the shandy. Who’s my cousin? Well, that would be Greg Myers the Executive Chef. Turns out an appreciation for good beer runs in the family!

Greg Myers, Executive Chef for Lancaster Country Club was able to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to say hello and do a photo opp.
Greg Myers, Executive Chef for Lancaster Country Club, was able to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to say hello and do a photo opp. Good to see you, Cousin!


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