The Perfect Beer Festival Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again: brew fest season. While brew fests do happen year-round there is a definite spike in the number during the summer. Whether you’re heading to your first one or are a well-seasoned veteran, we have a few tips to survive a long day of sipping and sampling with the crew.

Dress Appropriately

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In most cases, you’re going to be outside all day long, in the sun, and on your feet. I know heels make your legs look awesome but ladies leave them at home. Comfortable shoes are the key to survival. Even your favorite wedges can get old after awhile. Check out our full list of beer fest fashion tips here and be on trend with this list. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but check the weather and be prepared. Also, please wear sunblock. Yeah, your summer glow looks nice, but it won’t in 30 years. Take care of yourself so we can drink together longer.

Water. Drink water.

Brewfest Survival Tips: Drink Water. Lots of water.

I love a good buzz as much as the next person, and I think that at brewfests that’s pretty acceptable, but being hammered pushes it. Maintain people, maintain! Drink some water, ain’t no shame in your game. Please don’t let me see you puking in a port-a-potty. Please don’t let me see you half passed out on the sidewalks. Rinse your glass out, fill it again and drink that glass of water, and keep going. Do this every time you rinse. Do this especially if it’s over 87 degrees.

Life’s not a track meet, it’s a marathon.

You’ve arrived. You’ve got your besties by your side. You’re sunblocked up, had a good base meal, and you’re ready to party. In front of you is an all-you-can-drink smorgasbord of beer. Take your time. You have next next at least 2 hours to indulge, don’t feel like you have to hurry up and drink ALLOFTHEBEERS in the first 10 minutes. Peruse for what you really want to drink, dump ones that suck, and if the line’s too long come back later. Don’t think you need to go slam the first few ones inside the door to get a good buzz going. Enjoy yourself and savor your beers, the buzz will come regardless.

Don’t be a jerk.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to anyways. We all like to learn about what we’re drinking, but if you want to chat with a brewer or rep step to the side so those waiting in line behind you can continue to be served while you talk. It’s going to be crowded, you’re going to bump into other people, step on their feet, and probably spill something on yourself or maybe someone else. Be polite about it, it goes a long way when people have been drinking. And, if it happens to you, in the words of Chris Rock, if somebody steps on your foot let it slide. Why spend the next 20 years in jail because somebody smudged your Puma? Use some common sense and decency no matter how tipsy you get.

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