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The other night the Harrisburg Beer Week team, including myself, was invited to be on Breakfast Beers with Chachi & Jenna podcast. In discussion about all things beer week, and inevitably all things craft beer, we got into a conversation regarding your first craft beer and how you got into craft beer over other beverages.

This really got me thinking about that one beer that can change everything. For me, it was Victory Golden Monkey. Imagine drinking pitchers of Coors Lite forever and then discovering a tasty golden beverage that’s sweet, flavorful, and packs more of a punch than most beers. I didn’t even know that beer could have a flavor beyond ‘beer flavor.’ I didn’t know that local breweries existed. I never could have imagined that this one beverage would foster an unquenchable passion. It was a life-changing moment. 


I won’t dare compare a beer to meeting your new born child or a career change to your dream job, but in a lot of ways it can be similar to your ‘first time’. The rush and thrill of something new and exciting. The way it makes you feel afterwards, your change in life perspective, the desire for more.

Or maybe that’s all just me? Either way, I want to know what beer was your first. Which beer was the one that changed your ways? What was it about that beer that made it so special, or unspecial? Tell me the story of YOUR first time.

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  1. OK, my first time was in college back in the very early 1980’s. We lived only a few short miles from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. While Sierra Nevada is a huge brand today, back then you just had to be lucky enough to be situated strategically near the brewery if you wanted fresh Pale Ale in large quantities. So, being just that lucky and having good taste in friends who have good taste in beer, our first kegger of the semester was well-brewed locally and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Now since then, I’ve moved all over the country, watching as Sierra Nevada followed me from coast to coast, and that’s what I call “great timing.” If all you’re drinking is Coors, Bud or Miller, I would suggest trying something local, something independent and something liberating for a change.

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