Baseball Brews: Orioles Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD

June 7, 2016 2

My husband and I have a lot in common, but a favorite baseball team is not one of them. While I cheer for the Washington Nationals, he is a lifelong fan of the Baltimore Orioles. Lucky for us, we live very close to both parks, and trips to Orioles Park at Camden Yards are planned right alongside our Nats Park Read More


May 16, 2016 0

A Pennsylvania Road Trip Tasting Excursion Check-in each of the brews on your mobile device and get free swag! When the warmer temps arrive, excursions get planned. Beer enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers now have another opportunity to hit the road. The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official brewers guild, is launching the Summer Road Trip, which invites you to travel and experience Read More

Starr Hill Announces Summer IPA JamBEERee

April 4, 2016 0

It’s Spring, and the only things popping up faster than daisies are outdoor beer festivals! Starr Hill Brewing Company recently announced their IPA JAMBEEREE (note: incorporating that name into my own beer outings from now on). This outdoor festival will take place on Saturday, June 25th at Hangar Park in Crozet, VA (conveniently across from their brewery). The festival will Read More

The Perfect Beer Festival Survival Guide

June 13, 2015 0

It’s that time of year again: brew fest season. While brew fests do happen year-round there is a definite spike in the number during the summer. Whether you’re heading to your first one or are a well-seasoned veteran, we have a few tips to survive a long day of sipping and sampling with the crew. Dress Appropriately In most cases, Read More

7 Bright Beer Cocktails

July 26, 2013 1

Summer is not over. I REPEAT! Summer is not over. When it comes to cocktails, it seems I consume the majority of them during the summer months. What better way to combine my love of beer and my love of summer cocktails than to sip on some beer cocktails? Thanks to Draft Magazine, here are 7 great suggestions to get Read More

My Love of Craft Beer in Cans

May 22, 2012 6

Over the past few years we have seen a definite upswing in the availability of craft beer in cans. Who cares right? Beer is beer what does it matter what it comes in? Wrong. There are several awesome reasons for having craft beer in cans. My favorite reason to have beers in cans is to drink them in the shower. Read More

Beaches and Brews

May 11, 2012 5

Summers are made for sand, sun, surf…and suds am I right? Fun in the sun usually means time spent at a beach, lake or pool. As the temperatures heat up, here are a few ways to be a craft beer cutie and keep the beer flowing. Sharks at the beach are not always a welcome sight, unless it happens to be Read More