#LabelLove: Skulls & Skeletons

September 30, 2016 0

Sonora and I may have very different beer style preferences, but one thing we mutually love is HALLOWEEN! Like hardcore. Everything and anything that has to do with halloween – costume parties, horror flicks, decorating, and even craft beer with spooky themes. I completely decorate every space of my home for the holiday. Black cats, spiders, webs, black birds, pumpkins, poison Read More

Beer Fest Review: Hibrewnation Harrisburg

December 18, 2014 0

Tierney and I hit up the Hibrewnation Festival of Beer this past Saturday (Dec 13) at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. It’s the first of three Hibrewnation fests in the series. We had a blast exploring craft beers, listening to Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band, hanging with friends and meeting some of our S&S fans. The festival had a Read More


October 12, 2012 6

Right now what seems like the majority of my craft beer consuming friends are at the holy mecca of beer events – Great American Beer Fest. Where am I? At home. In my pajamas. Moping. An on-looker watching with great jealousy as everyone and their brother, mother, and dog enjoy crazy beers and have a great time. At least I Read More

Wings and Beer – Pairing Ideas

September 21, 2012 4

Being the sports and craft beer fan that I am, I couldn’t be happier to see the combination of the two at my favorite local sports bar – Arooga’s. During football season, and for the majority of sporting events, wings are king. I am a huge fan of the newly added ‘skinny wings’ which are a billion times less effort Read More

Wanna Trade?

March 6, 2012 2

If you had asked me this question during 5th grade lunch you would have received an emphatic “Yes!” along with a ceremonious handing over of my salami sandwich, chocolate milk and carrot sticks. Not the dessert though. That was mine. These days, I’m not so sure. As I have come to embrace the wonderful craft beer community, I find I am Read More