Welcome to the Zoo

January 27, 2016 3

“Not my zoo; not my monkeys!” Except they are mine. As a parent, I find myself constantly surrounded by a zoo full of animals. Some days a clear head is needed in order to keep things running smoothly; others…Well, let’s just say that a beer would be helpful. To help you all negotiate the running of your own menagerie, I Read More

The Glory of Shower Beers

September 24, 2015 0

Tierney has touched on this in the past, but here at Stouts & Stilettos we are big proponents of… SHOWER BEERS! Now that I’m a full time parent, I have to say I appreciate it even more. As a mom of twins, I’m constantly on the go and rarely get a chance to sit down, let alone drink a beer Read More

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now: Bottle Releases

September 8, 2015 0

When it comes time for another bottle release you have a number of questions to ask yourself. For me, the big one is: Life changes after you have children but that doesn’t mean you have to give everything up; you might just have to think ahead a bit. Cheers!   Follow me on: Instagram: @ald207 Twitter: @ald207 Untappd: @greatbeerwomen Periscope: @greatbeerwomen