Beer-Lamb Shakshuka

May 12, 2017 0

I had a craving for lamb shakshuka. As we all know, cooking with beer makes kitchen adventures even more fun, so it was time for a little experimenting. For this dish, I used Great Divide Brewing Colette Farmhouse Ale. Colette is light on the typical farmhouse funk with a punch of clove and touch of citrus. With the spicy sauce, I Read More

Spicy Beer-Steamed Mussels

March 29, 2017 0

There’s something comforting about a bowl of steamed mussels served in a flavorful sauce with plenty of crusty bread. Although most steamed mussels call for white wine, I’ve seen a few recipes that use beer. I love to experiment in the kitchen, so I decided to get creative and develop my own beer-steamed mussels recipe. Some people find cooking mussels intimidating because Read More

Banana Brown Ale Pancakes

September 19, 2016 0

One drinking trend that I’m not very keen on is drinking at breakfast or brunch. No disrespect to anyone who enjoys mimosas or a beer brunch. It’s simply not my thing, mostly because drinking makes me sleepy and I just woke up – I want coffee, not alcohol. However, I’ll gladly eat beer for breakfast, and one of my favorite Read More

Brews Reviews: Starr Hill Brewery 2016 Releases

February 11, 2016 0

Here at Stouts & Stilettos, we like to mix things up and make it interesting. So today, Sonora and I (Chelsie) wanted to do a little side by side taste testing. I’m in Pennsylvania and Sonora resides in Virginia. Even though we’re hours apart, we both seem to have access to the same brands and beers for the most part. Read More

REVIEW: Boardwalk Food Craft Beer Popper Mix

November 12, 2015 1

I love cooking, so when Boardwalk Food Co. offered to give me some of their bread mixes to try, I hopped on the change to blend my two interests in the kitchen: food and craft beer. Experimenting with not just pairing your beers with food, but adding them to food is a great way not just to improve your tasting Read More

Stout Spice-Braised Chicken Recipe

February 5, 2015 0

Well, I found myself in quite the predicament the other night when I went to make dinner. I really wanted to make my spice-braised chicken using a recipe I had pinned, but I quickly realized I didn’t have any red wine in the house. This should not come as a surprise, as we’re beer and bourbon drinkers in this household. I Read More

Cooking with Craft Beer: 4 Summer Recipe Ideas

July 2, 2014 0

Summer seasonal fruits, vegetables and flavors are in full swing as are summer brews. Cooking with beer can be easy and delicious with the right beer and the right recipe. Before the 4th gets here and you’re not sure what to take to the party, check out our quick round up of four simple and speedy craft beer infused summer Read More

Quick Craft Beer Super Bowl Snacks

January 28, 2014 2

It’s almost time for the big game! For the party this year how about you do more than just serve great beer – let’s cook with it too. Not just drinking while you cook, which of course is fun, but adding it to your food for flavor enhancement people! Here are a few quick and easy apps you can make Read More

Beer, Comfort Food, and You

January 26, 2012 2

It’s odd for me to give cooking advice. Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that anything I cook is likely to end up in the category of flambé, charred, or choking hazard, which is why I was so excited that I could make this Tastefully Simple Beer Bread and Beer Cheese Soup. The name says it Read More