Pucks and Pints 2: Hockey Beer for the 2016-17 Season

November 4, 2016 2

Sonora’s 2016-17 Hockey Beer Picks: I’m very excited to be back rink-side watching the Washington Capitals (hopefully) skate to victory. Last year, our Stanley Cup dreams were sadly dashed yet again in Round 2, as we fell to the eventual Cup winners, the Pittsburgh Penguins, in Game 6. But it’s a new year, and so far, the Caps are playing Read More

20 Second Review of Brooklyn Pale Ale

April 26, 2012 1

As some of you know I have locked myself away in the “Batcave” while I churn out what seems like an endless number of research papers in pursuit of a masters degree in librarianship. I havent had much of my brain left to blog with and what IS left I seem to drink away. However, my desperation (and love of Read More