The Summer of Fruit Beer

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You may have seen it in my Untappd/Twitter feed already, this summer I’m going all in on fruit beers. I love to drink seasonally, and I’m excited to dive back into a style of beers that I’ve neglected for a long time. But why now and why so obsessed?

I have always loved fruit beers.

I just haven’t felt comfortable letting my fruit flag fly. There are so many reasons to drink fruit beer, the most important is that they are delicious, but I’ve been too preoccupied worrying about what you’ll all think of me if I start getting fruit beer crazy.

You see, in the world of stereotypes, I embody what a ‘fruit beer drinker’ would be. Many assume these fruited beers are designed for women, specifically the ‘feminine woman’. Then Tierney enters the scene with her eyeliner on fleek, sun dresses, and a smile. I felt like I wouldn’t be respected if I was drinking a fruit beer on top of all that. It was almost like I wasn’t allowed to drink fruit beer; I couldn’t be the stereotype I’m trying to help break. It’s my own personal hang-up, I know this, but it doesn’t make my feelings any less valid.

I’ve always delighted in being your craft beer Princess, but at the same time, the warrior right there next to you fighting with you and for the advancement and reputation of craft beer. I am not soft spoken, I am extroverted, and I am definitely opinionated. But, I’m still human, and even the self-confident Tierney has her self-doubts every now and then.

blood orange troegs

So, I’ve decided that I am over my personal issues with loving fruit beer. I’m here and ready to advocate for why it rocks. Instead of fearing the stereotype, I’m going to try to push you to change it. And, if you have a problem with it, bring it. Everyone can drink whatever kind of craft beer they want, no matter what your gender or how you identify. This girly girl is embracing fruit beers with arms wide open.

Fruit is being added to many beer styles now from stouts and IPAs to sours and wheats; there’s a little something for everyone. Even the variety of produce available has changed with the introduction of yuzu, pluots, star fruit, and more into our brews. Many breweries are sourcing their fruit from local farms and orchards, supporting their communities. While some may not buy into the buy local/drink local/eat local ideal, just because that Oregon fruited up sour isn’t local to you doesn’t mean it wasn’t made locally to the people that live there, so thanks for supporting their community, too.

Without further ado, here are my #FruitBeerOnly #SummerOfFruitBeer fully endorsed recommendations:

PA Local:

  • Rivertowne Brewing Hala Kahiki Pineapple
  • Brewery at Hershey Pom Beach
  • Manayunk Brewing Belly Flop
  • Free Will Sour Cherry Powered Rocket


  • Atwater Whango
  • Bell’s Poolside Ale
  • Southern Tier Three Citrus Peel Out
  • Einstok Arctic Berry Ale
  • NoDa Brewing NoDajito


  • Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado
  • New Belgium Citradelic
  • Evolution Pine’Hop’Le
  • Starr Hill Lemon Lime King of Hop
  • Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood


  • Southern Tier Choklat Oranj
  • Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose
  • Sierra Nevada Otra Vez
  • Founder’s Rubæus
  • Dogfish Head Fort
  • New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Sweetwater Pit & Pendulum

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