Meet Tierney

Meet Tierney

My journey into craft beer is a story that can be told in short. First I didn’t like any beer, and then I only liked cheap beer. This all changed when I discovered Victory Brewing’s Golden Monkey. Like many of us when sipping our first craft beer, I never knew that beer could have so many flavors. From there I fell in love with hefes, then stouts, and eventually even IPAs. Now the rest is history as I sip, sample, and taste my way through the world of craft beer. Craft beer has truly become my passion.

My goal in starting Stouts and Stilettos was simple: to provide a friendly, approachable ground for discussion for women when talking all things beer. I have always thought it was especially important to focus on women as over time we have been forgotten. Marketing works against us, societal norms try to hold us back, and as with many fields deemed to be ‘for men’ it is easy to feel left in the shadows. Women should be building each other up and advocating for one another. I hope to encourage women to try craft beer without feeling intimidated, with the idea that our content is created by women but designed to educate all.

In April 2015, I took my passion to a whole new level alongside Chelsie and Colleen along with our friend Sara Bozich by starting the first-ever Harrisburg Beer Week. As you will notice a lot of our content here is also very Pennsylvania-centric as we love to support our local craft brewers. We are proud of our 9-day celebration of craft beer benefiting the Harrisburg River Rescue.

I hope you join me on my journey from pint to pint as I explore new beers, homebrewing, festivals, bars, brewpubs, and more!

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2 Comments on Meet Tierney

  1. Tierney,

    My first non-domestic beer just happened to be Victory Hopdevil so it seems Victory was responsible for both of our beer love! I must say I am still to this day a Golden Monkey fan as well.


  2. Hello Tierney,……….. your craft purpose, exploratory passion and womanly sipping mission is herein noticed and respectfully regarded as both subtle and significant.
    Thy founded goals being the cornerstone of all adventurous slurping moments.

    Then of course there is the male counterpart which I am part & portions thereof. Manly structured and characterized,………… I’m admittedly intrigued by your fine very proud grip of your glass mug. That said, have you ever embarked to enjoy the
    Craft Ale House in Limerick, PA???

    Warmly anticipating your IPA or Porter Fancy
    and one’s happenstance to dare nibble
    upon this dripple leading to a fine full pour of suds we’ll adore.
    Sir Rex
    (Collegeville, PA,)

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