Stone Give Me IPA or Give Me Death – #30beersfor30years

Thursdays are the best night to go out, so I again met up with my girl Sam for happy hour and gossip. This time we ventured to my favorite dive, Shady McGradys. You may know about Shadys already; smoking bar, Golden Tee, darts, and always an awesome beer menu. I looked over the beer board and saw STONE GIVE ME DEATH and thought “what a badass beer name.” I ordered it without hesitation, or researching what it was, and was confused from the first sip.

Stone’s Give Me IPA or Give Me Death is a collaboration with Hardywood Park in VA. What I didn’t know when I ordered it is that it has raspberries and blackberries in it. I was lost when I received an IPA that was a deep amber color, had a creamy off-white head, and this crazy fruit flavored finish. Certainly a surprise when you’re not expecting it! It has a bitter hop profile that is present from start to finish. The fruit flavor is only present right at the finish, so those who don’t love fruit beers will not be overwhelmed. It was a lovely surprise to try this beer, now if only I can find its twin, Give Me Stout or Give Me Death…

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