Mother/Daughter Beer Review: Starr Hill The Hook & Starr Hill Sublime

starr hill beer review
The family that drinks together stays together.

One of my proudest accomplishments has been introducing my parents to craft beer. They started out being receptive to craft beer, but uncertain if it would ever replace Michelob Ultra or Blue Moon in their fridge. Now, they take beercations to Asheville, N.C., and text me photos of their beer flights from various breweries. I’m so proud, I’m not even jealous … well, almost.

starr hill the hook and starr hill sublime
Starr Hill The Hook and Sublime.

My parents are in town for Mother’s Day weekend, and whenever they visit, we like to share a pint or two (or a few). A week before, Starr Hill Brewing Co. was kind enough to send me two of their latest beers to try: Sublime Citrus Wit and The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA. In the spirit of sharing, I invited my mom to join me in both sipping and reviewing these beers. What did we think? Read on to find out!

starr hill sublime
Photo by Mom

Sublime Citrus Wit

Me: This is more wit than citrus. A light citrus flavor comes through on the back-end, more of a hint than a dominant flavor. It is a good witbier, with the sweetness and zip you’d come to expect. The beer pours a pale yellow color, and is very bubbly — almost resembling champagne. That said, it loses its carbonation a little too quickly. It remains refreshing and tasty, but I would’ve liked the initial nip to last a bit longer. Still, this is a fine beer and excellent for warm weather. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring this to a summer cookout, maybe served alongside a pasta salad. 3.75 out of 5.

starr hill sublime

Mom: I really like the fizz. The citrus flavor is more lemon than lime – it doesn’t have that lime bite. But I like that the citrus flavor isn’t dominating the beer — otherwise I’d feel like I was drinking a soda.  My main critique is that it went flat too quickly — it started out really refreshing, but didn’t maintain that crispness. Good beer, but not a great beer. 3.75 out of 5.

starr hill the hook
Photo by Mom.

The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA

Me: This beer, as advertised, has lots of tasty grapefruit on the nose and tongue. For an IPA, it’s not bitter at all — definitely a SIPA. The flavor is predominantly grapefruit zest with a hint of juice. This would be great alongside a fruit salad or some cubed summer melon, or maybe alongside a mild cheese plate. 4 out of 5.

starr hill the hook

Mom: It feels like I’m smelling fresh fruit! The fruit aroma is incredible — nothing but fresh fruit on the nose. It tastes so good that I feel like all I’m missing is the pulp. It’s really good — I can take the bitterness because it has grapefruit in it [note: Mom usually hates IPAs]. It’s too bad I can’t have this for breakfast with a nice biscuit! 4.5 out of 5.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

starr hill review

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