30 Second Beer Review: Starr Hill Daily Grind Peppercorn Farmhouse Ale

starr hill daily grind
Starr Hill Daily Grind Peppercorn Farmhouse Ale, with a culinary friend. Photo courtesy Sonora

Spring is in full swing, as are pint glasses filled with delicious spring beer! You know I’m a big fan of saisons, and I was very excited to learn that Starr Hill Brewing Co. recently debuted a new one: Daily Grind Peppercorn Farmhouse Ale, a new beer that’s part of their Heavy Rotation series. The series not only brings excellent craft beer, but a custom playlist to accompany it.

Starr Hill was kind enough to send a bottle of Daily Grind to Chelsie and I to try, so we decided to collaborate once again on reviewing some excellent Virginia beer.

starr hill daily grind
Photo courtesy Chelsie


This beer delivered on my high expectations. I’m pretty critical when it comes to saisons. For me, it was a pleasant and well-balanced mix of banana, peppercorn, rose hips, lemon and fennel flavor notes. You can definitely taste peppercorns but it’s not at all overpowering which is nice. The mouthfeel was spot on — fizzy and crisp. I rated this solid saison a 4.25 in Untappd.

It will pair nicely with a variety of foods so you really can’t go wrong. My preference would be to serve it with a wood-fired haddock filet or a beet salad topped with goat cheese and candied walnuts. Yum!

starr hill daily grind
Photo courtesy Chelsie.


The first taste I got when I sipped this brew was sweet honey, a flavor that dominated the palate as I continued the glass. It’s not overly sweet, but sweetness definitely leads over spiciness. The peppercorn flavor is quite subtle, though the heat settles in after a few sips. There is a very light hop bitterness on the back end as well. It is thick, though it doesn’t have much head; and features a light fizziness that doesn’t take away from the flavors. It’s a good saison for the in-between weather that marks the beginning of Spring.

I could see this pairing well with cacio e pepe, or with honey-glazed tofu. It’s also a good dessert beer, and would go well alongside ricotta with wildflower honey.

starr hill daily grind
Photo courtesy Sonora

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