St. Patrick’s Day – How to Celebrate the RIGHT Way


The only green thing you need in your beer this St. Patrick’s Day is HOPS. Whether you go with a traditional Irish Dry Stout or an Irish Red, try to get an Irish-made variety, or grab one from your favorite local craft brewery. We don’t want to see your green Coors Lites. We don’t want to see your green Bud Lite bottles. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us the RIGHT way!

Colleen N: There are a few things that always bother me around St. Patrick’s Day: the use of four leaf clovers instead of shamrocks, leprechauns everywhere, the misuse of the word “patty,” and most notable to my beer drinking friends… Killians. I guess because it is often seen being poured next to Guinness and Harp people assume that Killians is a product of Ireland. It is NOT! Killians is owned by MillerCoors and is made in Colorado. If you’re looking for a cheap, not particularly good American version of an Irish red style beer, knock yourself out, However, you are NOT drinking Irish beer.

If you’re looking for GOOD examples of American-made, Irish style beers there are plenty of fantastic options. My recommendations: Victory Donnybrook Stout and Starr Hill Dark Starr Stout (get it while you still can). Better yet, check out your local brewery! Many of them brew their own beer in an Irish style to celebrate the holiday!

Sonora: I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the first holiday of my favorite season, Spring; and I love attending festivals, parades, and concerts around town. I of course love celebrating with a pint of Guinness, but I do like to mix it up. One of my favorite styles to enjoy in March is the Irish Red. Irish Reds have a delicious bite while also being warm and sweet. My two favorites this time of year are Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Ale and Flying Dog Lucky SOB.

Sadly these craft reds aren’t always to be found at large St. Patrick’s Day festivals, including my annual favorite, Shamrock Fest. However, there was still excellent beer to be had. In addition to Guinness Stout, I adore their Harp Lager for something light and crisp. Sam Adams also made an appearance at the festival this year – appropriate, since Dropkick Murphys were there as well. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Tierney: things I’ve learned from Colleen many years ago: stop calling them ‘Irish Car Bombs.’ Do you guys even know what car bombs mean to the Irish? There’s a nice little history here, but to summarize, Irish Car Bombs were used by the IRA to attack the people of Ireland. It’s a rough patch in their history that I’m sure they don’t want idolized by a drink. I’m not saying don’t drink them, but maybe we need to find another name for them.
I usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year by hanging out at my local pub after work, but this year Harrisburg’s newest brewery Zeroday will have their Firstborn Irish Dry Stout on tap and on special, so I do believe that’s where you’ll find me. Then, on Saturday, we have our St. Patrick’s Day parade which will include pre-parade brunch party with friends, and celebrating with great beer all day long. Slainte!

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