sonora_helloHello fellow beer nerds! My name is Sonora, and I have been a big fan of all things craft beer for several years. For the longest time I didn’t drink beer because the bitterness put me off. My gateway to beer was actually cider. The European ciders especially had a dryness that prepared my palate for beer. The first beer I finished (though it took well over an hour) was Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, and my true gateway beer was Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

There really isn’t a beer style I don’t like. I will try anything once, and my palate has grown to accept a range of styles. My go-to is usually a stout or porter, especially for dessert or in the winter; and I love a good pale ale or pilsner in warmer weather. And, of course, I love pumpkin beers in the fall. I do, however, have a soft spot for brown ales and think they are under-appreciated as a fall seasonal.

sonora_beerI gravitate towards local beers. Living in Northern Virginia, I am very lucky to have ready access to three states’/district’s worth of unique beers. I also have the added bonus of my parents living in North Carolina, giving me access to NC’s growing beer scene with regular visits. When I travel, I always look for a beer that’s both local to the area and, ideally, one I cannot get back home. I love visiting breweries and always get a flight when I can, even at local brewpubs I visit frequently.

When I’m not sipping beer, I’m cooking tasty meals for myself and my husband, usually filled with local, seasonal produce (notice a pattern?). I love watching TV. My favorite show on the air is Game of Thrones, and my favorite show of all-time is Mystery Science Theater 3000. I’m also a voracious reader, and frequent my local library. Some of my favorite authors include John Irving, Toni Morrison, Neil Gaiman, and Thomas Hardy. My favorite holiday is Halloween, and I very much love the macabre. Skeletons on a beer label = instant purchase.

I look forward to sharing thoughts and sips with all of you. Cheers!