Recap: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tour 2014

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tour 2014

This past weekend both Chelsie and myself attended the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tour – Midatlantic edition – in Philadelphia PA. In my opinion, this was the most well-organized and thought out beer festival I have ever been too, plus, it was a blast! In the hopes to try not to make those of you who couldn’t attend too jealous, we’re going to keep it short and sweet and each share what we liked the most about Beer Camp 2014.


Tierney: There were ~80 breweries at the festival, so to say that there were plenty of new things to try would be an understatement. Of course I stopped by my local favorites to show some love to friends, but it was exciting to try the new stuff, too. Overall, my favorite beer that I had at Beer Camp had to be the Weyerbacher Sunday Morning Stout. Naturally, I started with this beer – a bourbon barrel aged espresso stout at 11.8% ABV. It’s actually their Tiny aged bourbon barrels with American yeast (not Belgian like usual) and has Fieldstone Roasters coffee added.

Chelsie: For me, I’m generally wild about anything IPA or DIPA. But lately, I’m on a kick for crisp ales with malty tones and citrus notes. And, I have to say that the Honey Ginger Wheat from Heritage Brewing Company – a veteran owned and operated microbrewery in Manassas, Virginia – was my favorite of the day. I was also really impressed that the brewmaster took the time to talk to me about the beer and his brewery.

There also were some classics that I can never pass up when given the opportunity:

  • Victory Dirtwolf Double IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
  • Spring House Braaains! Pumpkin Ale for Zombies


Tierney: The Beer Camp collaborations rock. If you can get your hands on them, I think that the Ninkasi Double Latte Milk Stout with Coffee and Lactose. Another coffee stout you say? Yes, there’s definitely a theme here as they are my favorite. Trust me, this one won’t disappoint you.

Chelsie: Rheinard de Vos which was a one-time-only collaboration brew by Bluejacket, Brooklyn and New Belgium. A sour ale with a rich, molasses finish. This complex-tasting brew was created for SAVOR 2014. If you can find it, you must try it!


Tierney: As I said before the event was incredibly well organized. That, to me, is a huge plus. Tables were everywhere so you could sit to eat and mingle, plenty of bathrooms for once, and the breweries were alphabetized. My inner OCD was satisfied. Overall though, I think I really loved the general morale of the event. Everyone was having a good time, everyone was friendly, and it definitely was a party I’d attend again.

Chelsie: Besides the amazing food from local gourmet food trucks, the energetic and fun MarchFourth Marching Band, and the great selection of brews, I’d have to say I really enjoyed hanging with my friends and making new friends. There’s just something about a beer fest that brings people together. It’s always a laid back, friendly group of folks that attend. And this festival was no exception.

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