The Glory of Shower Beers

Tierney has touched on this in the past, but here at Stouts & Stilettos we are big proponents of…

Colleen Shower Beer


Now that I’m a full time parent, I have to say I appreciate it even more. As a mom of twins, I’m constantly on the go and rarely get a chance to sit down, let alone drink a beer OR take a shower. Even right now as we speak I’m writing this a baby is trying to climb into my lap.

Once the kids are in bed, THAT is my time to relax. However, since my babies are still waking up in the night, I like to use as much of this “down time” as I can to get some actual sleep. So, as a new twin mom I’ve been learning the best ways to multitask. I realized that I could even multitask my relaxing activities to make them EXTRA RELAXING! Hence… SHOWER BEERS!

Now, I suppose you could take a bottle into the shower if you like to live on the wild side. The last thing I need, however, is broken glass in my shower. Therefore, canned beer is my new favorite thing!

Some of my recent shower beer highlights:

  • Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
    • A classic canned beer! Dale’s has always been my go-to pool beer and it definitely doesn’t disappoint in the shower either.
  • ZeroDay IPA (Ep. 4)
    • Crowlers are God’s gift to shower beer drinking! 32 whole ounces of tasty, tasty local brew that is made just a few miles from house.

I’m also totally stoked by the news that my FAVORITE BEER is coming to cans! I’m so looking forward to enjoying some Hopslam shower beers!

What is YOUR favorite shower beer?

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