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This post is a little different from our regular posts. This was written cooperatively with our good friend Tim. He is the primary speaker in this post, look for my interjections in bold!

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It’s not every day you get to board a spaceship. I got the opportunity a few weeks ago after a Barrel Aged Beer Festival in Falls Church, VA with my friend, Batty. We were already four beers deep, a pizza, some frickles, and half a plate of fried nutella banana cheesecake explosion of deliciousness…there is nothing a lady loves as much as being ousted as the equivalent of a human wood chipper, nom nom nom nom. Thank you for that Tim… but that didn’t stop me and my compadre. We had four barrel-aged beers, each in the 10+% ABV range, and even two cups of coffee and all the above food was not enough to sober us up. We needed fresh air.

I had heard of a new bar opening down the road from where we were that night...Falls Church, VA…and we thought that we could take a walk and just check out the location. When we got there, spacebaryes, it’s supposed to be lowercase…beamed us in. It’s cozy, not small…it’s small, even I felt a little likespacebar 2  I was being closed in on and I’m about the size of a snow pea…the decor is a combination of blacks, chromes, and gun metal grays, the lighting fixtures resembled little spacecraft…submarine…, and the kegorators looked like something you would see inside the Challenger. There was even a porthole on the wall which made it look like we were gazing out into the stars…or in a submarine, maybe they
should have called it Das Beerboat?

Spacebar does only three things: beer, salad, and grilled cheese – and they do them well. I skipped the salad personally, but they will make you any combination of “greens n’ stuff” you like, along with any of the toppings on their sandwich menu. I saw them making a salad, and I must say, they do give you lots of greens n’ things. The veggies are cut fresh and tossed while you watch – along with the rest of the patrons, until they are served to you… I witnessed no salads being made. Typical me.

The grilled cheese was beyond heavenly. Their sandwich menu boasts an impressive eighteen different kinds of grilled cheese, plus a make-your-own option. With the choice of four breads, ten cheeses, twenty-five toppings, and four condiments, your options are near limitless. Just like space. Did I mention the space part? Submarine. The ocean is also vast. Batty and I, having just had lunch and copious amounts of alcohol, decided a grilled cheese was in order…geez there he goes again!…, and thus we made it
an order. Our delectable ooey gooey plated of melted joy was made up of rye, grilled portabella, onion, and havarti.

It was huge like the vast distances in space…or the ocean…, and served to us with a side of tots or greens. Of course, we went with the tots like any normal person would…because as Tim has pointed out numerous times, I have no shame when it comes to ramming food down my gullet… unfortunately, due to our gluttonous lunch earlier, we barely made a dent in the tots. “I’m giving it all she’s got Capt’n! She can’t take much more of this!” It was by far, the best grilled cheese I have ever had…it WAS yummy. Yay food!

On to the beer. Spacebar displays nineteen taps, as well as a bottle selection and it’s all craft beer and cider. It was nice to see some really great selections that I haven’t seen locally before from all over the country. They had everything from Lost Rhino’s My Imaginary Girlfriend to Sixpoint Ich Bin Kein Berliner Weiss. Recently they have had Firestone Walker’s Parabola, as well as Terrapin Easy Rider. We were overwhelmed and asked if we could sample something. “If you’de tell me what you like to try I can pour anything that you like”, the bubbly bartender replied. We started with four samples: Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager, Lost Rhino’s My Invisible Girlfriend, DC Brau Stone of Arbroath, and Heavy Seas/Devil’s Backbone’s Land Ho Black Pilsner. Land Ho tasted like feet…FYI Tim, you can probably forget getting a VIP invite to a Heavy Seas or Devils Backbone event after that one…, but with some time it got to a tolerable level. Arborath and Vienna Lager were both solid, but My Invisible Girlfriend won me and Batty over. She was a beauty. Batty went ahead and ordered another Invisible Girlfriend…I also have Invisible Girlfriends even when Im not drinking…, while I went with the Boulevard Tank 7 Saisonsolid choice… I really love saison and Boulevard didn’t disappoint. It was just funky enough, and held up well against the grilled havarti cheese sandwich.

Lastly, the staff. There were three people working that we could tell. Two bartenders and the owner was cooking. I wish I got their names. The owner was a nice man, who was talkative and sold his product well. The two bartenders who I’ll just name “Pink” and “Black”, due to their clothing choices, were fairly attentive and got us everything we needed. A round of applause goes out to Pink, whom was the bubbly girl mentioned earlier. She was something a bit unreal, like she was torn out of a Disney movie. She was the happiest, most vibrant bartender I think I have ever seen. I kind of wish I would have gotten my picture with her, but that will have to wait for another visit. I’ll totally be back…why do you even hang out with me again? Well done spacebar…wannabe submarine…, well done!

Spacebar (spelled with a capital on their Facebook page?!) is located at:
709 W Broad St
Falls Church, VA 22046
(703) 992-0777

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