Serve Your Neighbor: A Visit to Wild Heaven Craft Beers

Wild Heaven Brewing Company

To continue my beeraction tour of Atlanta, next up we’ll visit Wild Heaven Craft Beers. Located in Avondale Estates, Atlanta, GA Wild Heaven’s brewery can be described as an awesome beer garden, warehouse, barn hybrid with a big open layout. When I visited, it was sunny and hot (funny as right now I’m expecting snow) and the big garage door on the side was open inviting you outside into the newly opened beer garden area. While this wasn’t my first experience with Wild Heaven after trying their Ode to Mercy back in 2012, this was my first visit to the brand new brewery. My visit to Wild Heaven wasn’t an ordinary one however, as I was hosted by their lovely Apostle of Ales, Sarah.

Wild Heaven Beers - Tierney and Sarah

If you don’t know Sarah, you really should, because she’s the epitome of what Southern Hospitality means. We had been tweeting back and forth for a LONG time about my impending visit, and I couldn’t way to meet the face behind the tweets. We shared many, many, delicious brews at their brewery and discussed what it is to be a woman in craft beer. My biggest takeaway: it doesn’t always have to be about being a woman, but rather just being in beer and knowing what you know. I found us to be very similar: tall, big personality, friendly, and awesome. She’s lucky I didn’t steal that scarf right off of her as cute as it was. Yep, she’s my new #WCW.

Wild Heaven Craft Beers

But, back to the brewery. Wild Heaven’s idea in opening is to create something to add something new to the craft beer world, not just do what everyone else is going. Their beers reflect this with depth of flavor as well as their variety of beer styles considered ‘flagships’. While I was there, I hopped on a tour quick with the rest of the people visiting and learned a few fun facts about the brewery:

  • While they’ve been brewing beer for a few years now, the brewery location just opened up earlier in June 2014.
  • The owners, Nick Purdy and Eric Johnson previously had some awesome jobs. Nick is the founder of Paste Magazine and Eric founded the highly rated Trappeze Pub in Athens, GA.
  • They’re barrel aging! While there, I tasted an awesome tequila aged brew right out of the barrel that will be awesome when it’s ready.

Wild Heaven Craft Beers

So what beers should you try when you visit? Well, that’s always a matter of taste. Based on what I love, I enjoyed Eschaton Belgian-Style Quad as well as White Blackbird Belgian-Style Saison. When visiting keep in mind those GA beer laws that only allow you to buy glassware and samples, not pints and growlers. This can be a good thing though, because I came home with 4 new glasses to add to the collection along with my memories of a great time in a great city.

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