Rusty Rail Adds Seasonal Blue Collar Raspberry

Rusty Rail Blue Collar Raspberry

In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, and the onset of summer, Rusty Rail Brewing Company is proud to release its first bottled seasonal brew, Blue Collar Raspberry. This seasonal brew is set to hit shelves in time for Memorial Day weekend.

An extension of Rusty Rail Brewing’s already popular Blue Collar Blonde Ale, Blue Collar Raspberry is brewed with over 200 pounds of real raspberries. The summer seasonal weighs in at 4.6% ABV and 24 IBUs.

“Our philosophy is always to brew beer that tastes like beer first and adjuncts and special ingredients second,” explains Michel Spuesens, Head Brewer at Rusty Rail Brewing. “By brewing with real fruit instead of an extract, we are able to preserve the slightly sweet and tart flavor of raspberry without overpowering the beer.”

Blue Collar Raspberry will be available in Rusty Rail Brewing’s new seasonal 12-pack package. Each 12-pack contains two 6-packs and features a universal artwork design to showcase all four seasons. The design features a side window which reveals the seasonal brew within.

“The appeal of craft beer is variety and we designed our new seasonal packaging with that in mind,” explains Myles Biggs, Marketing Director for Rusty Rail Brewing. “By keeping the 12-pack artwork consistent and including a window to showcase the two six-packs within, we have the flexibility to quickly adjust our seasonal offerings based on consumer preferences and market trends.”

The Blue Collar Raspberry release represents years of hard work, passion and dedication. Rusty Rail Brewing began testing their recipes in 2013 and began commercial brewing and distribution in February of 2015. Since then, the company has partnered with wholesalers to bring four core brands and a rotating selection of seasonal brews to nearly the entire state of Pennsylvania. Plans are underway to bring Rusty Rail Brewing Co. to the state of New Jersey this summer.

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