Rhinegeist Panther Robust Porter: 30 Second Beer Review

rhinegeist panther porter

There’s nothing better than opening up your beer fridge and finding new beers to try. This past weekend, my other half took a trip out to Pittsburgh to reunite with old friends, and one of them brought us a treat – beers from Rhinegeist Brewery. I have had a 6-pack of both their Panther Robust Porter and Truth IPA staring back at me Sunday night upon his return, and found myself pleasantly surprised by each one.

Rhinegeist Brewery is located in Cincinnati Ohio in a building with quite a history. The brewery has been open since June 2013 and have 7 canned offerings. Right now, they just distribute in the Cincinnati area, so I’m pumped to get the chance to try them over here in PA.

Of the two in my fridge, the Panther Robust Porter stood out to me most. To be honest, the IPA didn’t have a fair advantage as I’m more of a stout/porter drinker anyways. What set this porter apart and made it delicious to me was the subtle cocoa flavor you get at the very first sip that lingers throughout drinking. It wasn’t too bitter like some porters can be, and wasn’t hop forward. It’s only 35 IBU which is ideal for a stout/porter in my book. Also, I think the fact that they’re canning a porter makes it unique. My shower beer game just got stepped all the way up.

Color: dark brown
Aroma: roasted malt, toast
Taste: cocoa, hint of nut, coffee
Body: medium
About: Porter, 35 IBU, 5.8% ABV

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    • Thank you! Most people don’t need or want a play-by-play of a beer tasting, but I feel like some of these that I get a chance to drink are worth sharing. Quick and easy. Glad you enjoyed it!

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