A Reflection on 5 Years of Stouts & Stilettos

This month, I have the honor of hitting the 5 year anniversary of Stouts & Stilettos.

So much has changed since the first post. Remember when the website was a basic WordPress template that looked like a cheap leather-bound book? Remember when all I had were my very basic beer reviews when I actually remembered to do them?

I remember early on when I first started the site how excited my friends and family had become. It’s interesting to think that the only reason this entire site even happened is because I’m so loud and opinionated that at the #HBGtweetup a friend said “you know, you drink a lot of beer, and I bet that people would want to read about a woman’s opinion on beer. You should start a blog.” So I did. It was so easy; it was a non-brainer. What better way to share my beer adventures with the world than via the internet?

the ghosts of logos past
the ghosts of logos past

As the site gained more attention and a larger readership, I was told it was “ground breaking”. There weren’t a lot of women out there writing about beer, and there still aren’t (ladies where you at?!), people were really excited about Stouts & Stilettos. I remember when I didn’t even have a Facebook page, when this was just an afterthought, and had no contributors beside me. Through the site and social media, I started finding more and more women who not only loved craft beer, but wanted to also tell the world about their experiences, and so more and more contributors were added. From one (shout out to BattyBeerBabe, miss you girl) to two, to now 8. And, honestly, I don’t truly think we’re done adding contributors, either.

the original ladies of S&S
the original ladies of S&S

So, where are we going from here?

Well, you saw that we put out the 2016 survey (if you haven’t answered yet, get to it). Using this information I will be guiding my contributors to create content that you want to read about the most. As always, expect to find our honest thoughts and opinions on everything that we do.

Also, we’re going to launch a new look and feel for the website. Don’t be scared of the change, I’m not, and it will be easier than ever to find the content you crave.

We will continue strive to be leaders in the craft beer community, especially for other women. The focus remains on educating our readership, whether that is through reviews, beer news, or understanding beer itself. We will continue to advance craft beer, especially the woman’s voice.

I just had to pause for a little personal moment after typing those plans. I never would’ve thought that Stouts & Stilettos would come this far when I started the site 5 years ago. That I would become a prominent voice in the craft beer industry, and that my website would become a platform.

How lucky I am to have all of you backing me up. How lucky I am to have 7 women who want to be a part of my passion. How lucky I am indeed.

Thank you, always, for everything. Please come celebrate 5 years by enjoying barrel-aged beers with us at the Sturges Speakeasy on Thursday January 21st.

XOXO, Tierney

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  1. It seriously has been great reading and following your site. I don’t really remember how I found you gals but I’m so glad I did. Thanks for giving us quality content and a little peek into the estrogen side of the table 🙂 Cheers and I look forward to the next 5.

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