How to Pronounce ‘Gose’ & ‘Gueuze’

Gose & Gueuze Pronunciation

Q: “Dear Stouts & Stilettos: I’m pretty sure I’m pronouncing Gose correctly and I love that beer style, but how the hell do you pronounce Geuze or Gueuze?”

A: While I’ve heard a lot of folks pronouncing Gose as “Goes”, that is incorrect. This German beer style should be pronounced “Goes-uh.” The “E” is NOT silent.

An even trickier beer style to pronounce is Gueuze. The spelling alone trips me up. I often leave out the first “u” in this blended Belgian lambic. Gueuze is pronounced “Gooze.” No “uh” sound at the end. The last “E” is completely silent.

Check out my video giving you an audio and visual way to easily remember how to pronounce both Gose and Gueuze.

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