Prism Brewing Shady Blonde: 30 Second Beer Review

Prism Brewing Shady Blonde: 30 Second Beer Review

On a bleak Wednesday while watching Mr. Selfridge, I decided I needed to open a beer and brighten my day. The fridge is almost always full, but I wanted something new. Something spring-like. Something to shake the blahs out of an otherwise uneventful day. I decided upon Prism Brewing‘s Shady Blonde.

As soon as you open the bottle, it’s like a ray of sunshine comes out. Immediately your are hit with the scent of summer – fruit, flowers, and blue skies on the horizon. The aroma is overwhelming yet pleasant with firm scents of orange and a hint of clove. It pours a beautiful golden-orange color with a bit of cloudiness. The flavor is consistent with the aroma yet with a surprisingly bitter finish.

Prism Brewing Dirty Blonde: 30 Second Beer Review

Prism Brewing is located 10 miles outside of Philadelphia. Their logo is inspired by Pink Floyd and they only use whole, natural, and fresh ingredients in their flavorful ales. This isn’t my first Prism brew; I’ve seen them around a few brewfests before. If you see this brew, be sure to grab one and open a ray of sunshine.

Color: Golden Orange
Aroma: citrus, allspice
Taste: orange, bitter hop finish
Body: medium
About: Blonde Ale with blood oranges added, 4.5% ABV


Disclosure: I received a bottle of the beer mentioned above directly from Prism Brewing as part of their press kit. Stouts and Stilettos is not affiliated with Prism Brewing and received no compensation in exchange for promotion or review. 

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