Pizza Boy Brewing Peach Bound and Down – #30beersfor30years

Day two of the 30 beers project got a little weird.
So, I was 100% hungover from the First Cut/Nugget Nectar shenanigans the night before. After recovering, I realized I need needed to make some beer pick-ups for a bottle share we were headed to later that evening. We hopped in the car and headed for Al’s of Hampden/Pizza Boy Brewing to check out their bottle selection, and have a quick brew while we were there.

When there’s 100 taps of excellent beer in front of you, and 25-30 of them are Pizza Boy’s own beer, you go with the home team. Al had just put on a small batch of their Peach Bound and Down, so it became my hair of the dog.

Pizza boy brewing peach bound and down

Peach Bound and Down is a Pennsylvania Wild Ale with peach added. Immediately you’ll notice that it’s very tart and dry; the finish will dry out your mouth. The peach flavor is there and forward throughout. The sourness lends a bit of vinegar acidity. It was an aggressive hair of the dog selection.
I will say this of sours – I really have a hard time with them. I like them, and know what flavors I like, but I struggle to describe them. So, this was the best I could figure out to relay it to you. Maybe over these next 30, wait – 28 days, I’ll learn more about my palate and tackle these sours.

As for that bottle share, well, I could do a whole extra 30 beers for 30 years just abiut the share. I counted 17 new check-ins and I’m sure I missed a few things. My favorite moment was trying the 2003 (!!!!) original batch Mad Elf.

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