Pintville: Small Town Feel, Big Time Beer

Pineville, North Carolina is the quintessential small town.  As 6pm approaches, the shops close and Main Street shuts down. I live 5 minutes away from the heart of Pineville and I have often thought that this town needs to have a resurgence like many small towns around Charlotte. I think that this will start to happen now that Pintville Craft Beer bar is open.


As soon as you walk into the shop, you will most likely be greeted by the owners Sam and Tasha. They are so welcoming, and once they get to know you, they greet you by name. I believe they take mental notes of what beer styles you love and are ready to pour a perfect pint, in perfect glassware. Tables of all different heights fill this cozy space. The walls of the shop are lined with original paintings all done by Tasha. Tasha also created the beautiful long bar out of wood from Lenoir, NC. Trust me; she is a creative force to be reckoned with.

On many occasions you will be met by Bob, the English bulldog. I like to think of him as the official mascot of Pintville. They are very puppy friendly so I take Frida, my Chihuahua, out for a beer and to meet all of the great people.

This craft beer bar knows what people like and what people want. There are over 20 taps, each in different style and taste.

So many taps-so little time.
So many taps-so little time.

The staff are craft beer lovers and are ready to help you make your selection, and local beers are abundant. Sam is a hop head and with that comes many different IPAs and DIPAS on tap.  This suits my Hubs just fine.

Hubs enjoying a tasty beverage at Pintville
Hubs enjoying a tasty beverage.

He and Sam like to talk about different IPAs and what hop variety was used to create a specific flavor and aroma. Sam hails from France, so there are many Belgian styles on tap, and many I have never heard of, and many I have never tried. My next trip to the shop, I may have to try a flight of all Belgians. I think I will let Sam choose them for me.

Need a craft beer break? They have that covered by offering hard cider, wine and even local kombucha from Lenny Boy Brewing Co.


Need a snack while enjoying your beer? Sam and Tasha have made sure that trucks from Charlotte’s wonderful and diverse food truck scene get a turn out front of the shop. I have had everything from decadent lobster mac and cheese to meatballs with worldly flair. How perfect on a chilly night to have a tasty treat and a great craft beer.

If you are ever visiting Charlotte, be sure to make a detour to Pineville and stop for a pint or two at Pintville. Tell them Amanda sent you!

IMG_0962 IMG_0960


Lost Coast Brewery, Sharkinator: this sessionable white IPA has a wonderful citrus aroma.  On the first sip I immediately pick up notes of lemon zest. This low ABV (4.8%) beer is light and refreshing all the way down to the last sip.

Hi-Wire Lager: this is a perfect after work beer. The aroma is malty with a faintness of hops.  What I love about this beer is the taste, it is clean and crisp.

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