Perfect Beers for Poolside Drinking

Summer is in full swing, and I’ve been spending lots of time with the family and in the pool at my parents’ house. Of course, drinking beer is always involved in our family activities too. To qualify as a pool beer, it has to come in a can! Which is a lot easier to do nowadays. We used to be limited to just a few choices, and I almost always resorted to Dale’s Pale Ale (not that that is a bad thing). Thanks to the popularity of canned beer we have plenty to choose from! Unlike shower beers, I do not include crowlers in my pool beer selections. No one wants warm beer at the bottom of their crowler! They just don’t hold up on hot summer days. Therefore, here is my list of pool beers for this summer:

Dogfish Head Seaquench

  • I liked this beer the first time I had it. It’s a nice easy to drink, session sour. I liked it even MORE when I tasted it SAVOR with a delicious crab salad on a cracker with some avocado on top. Seriously, this beer is great with your summer seafood. It’s a bit different than the typical tropical flavors of the popular summer IPAs so it’s a nice change of pace if you’ve been pounding hops all spring.

South County Liminal Moment

  • This double IPA is everything you want to drink in the warm weather. It’s tropical and fruity, with hints of peach and orange. I’m a big fan of pretty much everything I’ve had from South County and this beer does not disappoint.

Pizza Boy  Lemon DAIRY

  • I’m a fan of all of the LegenDAIRY beers that Terry & Al have made at Pizza Boy. The latest in the series is the perfect lawn mowing beer. It’s surprisingly light and refreshing. It would be be great with clams or shrimp at a family cookout. This is one I would encourage IPA haters to try, because the hop flavor is super mild, and it blends well with the lemon.

Heavy Seas Tropicannon

  • There are some awesome beaches in Maryland. There are also awesome beach beers apparently! I want to drink this one when I’m laying in the sand or lounging on a deck in a sundress. It tastes like paradise!

Lancaster Blue Trail Lemon Blueberry Shandy

  • LBC isn’t my favorite local brewery, and shandies are not my favorite style of beer. But this one is just downright delicious. The blueberry is fairly subtle and the lemon is refreshing. It would be great with a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone!

Oskar Blues Fugli

  • Dale’s Pale Ale has been a staple of my pool beer consumption for many years, so I was excited to see that Oskar Blues was putting out a fruit beer for the summer. It clocks in at 5.8% which makes it perfect for day drinking. It’s infused with Yuzu and Ugli fruit that gives it a tasty, zesty flavor perfect for summer time.

Sam Adams Rebel White Citra IPA

  • I’m digging a lot of the Rebel IPA series beers and this is no exception. It’s a fantastic example of Citra hops and makes for a refreshing, drinkable, tropical IPA. Don’t be a beer snob and skip over this one just because it’s made by the biggest craft brewer in the industry. It’s a fantastic craft beer to enjoy this summer!

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  1. I haven’t tried that particular one, but I agree with you on the Sam Adams front. They make a lot of /really good/ brews for being a large craft brewer.

    Going to have to try the Dogfish Head Seaquench! Thanks for the recommendation.

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