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Every woman knows that sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying that a piece of chocolate cake. We don’t ask why some of us crave chocolate and sweets, we just handle our…addiction…the best we can by indulging. In fact, I had a dream about chocolate ice cream with bananas last night, so I’m pretty sure that means I need some today right?

Now, as a female who obviously loves beer, imagine my delight when seeing a post about cake and beer pairings from DRAFT Magazine in my inbox this week! Cake + beer + me = an amazing combination! My favorite of their suggestions is cheesecake paired with framboise:

Put a new twist on this creamy dessert by replacing a sugary fruit drizzle with a tart, fruit-forward beer like Cherish Raspberry Lambic. Together, the flavors are a dead ringer for the sweet-and-sour sumptuousness of the traditional cake-plus-fruit.

Droooooool! We all have birthdays and so do our friends. I suggestion using their pairings as a basic suggestion list, and expand upon it at every occasion that requires a cake. Or, you know, a day that ends in ‘y’ for some of us. I highly recommend Founder’s Cerise paired with Devil’s Food cupcakes, which I took to a bachelorette party last year and created a few new craft beer drinkers.

Read more pairings here: Pairs: Beer and cake » Pairs | DRAFT Magazine.

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  1. I haven’t tried my suggestion yet, but I hear that contrasting a really sweet cheesecake with something really bitter like an IPA is a good combination too. Though, like you, when I think cheesecake, I think lambic, or sour beer in general, or stout.

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