Operation Shut Down: Let’s Talk About Beer

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Writing about beer takes time, talking about beer takes seconds.  I recently joined the Operation Shutdown Podcast (#bearcast) over at BearcatOnBeer.com, drank some Four Loko, and chatted about all sorts of things, but mostly laughed and ranted. The Bearcast has one theme each week: beer stuff. Sometimes there are lists of the best shitty beers, sometimes there are whalez bro, and sometimes Bryan Roth brings out the big guns, but each episode feels like it’s a unpretentious chat at a bar between friends.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or listen on the site, but definitely don’t pass it over.

The episode’s topics included:

My Love of Pokemon
Cute Shoes
Writers Block
30 Second Beer Reviews
Being a woman surrounded by bearded 30-something white dudes when drinking.
Getting crap from d-bag craft beer bros.
Harrisburg Beer Week
2015 (717) Collaboration Ale vs. 2016 (717) Collaboration Ale

mmm Grape Four Loko
mmm Grape Four Loko

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