30 Second Beer Review: Ommegang Rosetta

ommegang rosetta

So, Jonas happened, and with all that fresh beautiful snow, how could I not indulge in some #beertography? I grabbed the first beer in the fridge and cracked it open. This wasn’t my first Ommegang Rosetta, but after a few sips and sharing it among friends, I felt like this is one you would want to hear about.

Ommegang Rosetta is a blended beer made in collaboration with their sister brewery, Liefmans. Rosetta is derived from Ommegang’s Oud Bruin (a tart Flemish brown ale) and Liefmans’ Cuvee Brut (a lively and fruit-foward Kriek). It pours a deep brown color with just a tiny tint of ruby red, which I found to be delightful.

ommegang rosetta 2

So what did I think?

I really enjoyed the cherry flavor in this beer, but I wanted more. I wanted it to be like a cherry cobbler kriek, like the Selin’s Grove Kriek, like the Lindemans’ Kriek, but instead I got a weaker almost watered down kriek. I understand why they did this: it’s not overly tart, it’s not overly sweet, it’s not overly thick either. This beer is much easier to market and will suit a broader demographic this way. That’s fine. It just isn’t what I was hoping to find. Will I drink it again? Definitely. Will I go out of my way to try to obtain it? Nope.

Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 5.6%
Recommended pairing: brie + crackers, vanilla ice cream, fresh spinach salad + vinaigrette 

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