Oh The Places Your Beer Will Go

5K and an IPA!
5K and an IPA!

Sometimes I wonder if brewers put any thought into all the places and things their beer will see. Sure, your pour your beer into a glass or mug, or if you’re me into your mouth, but where? What are you doing? Where did you take your beer? With canned craft beer becoming more of a thing beers are going more places than ever before.

Take for example, the movies. The Midtown Cinema here in Harrisburg is BYOB. That’s right BYOB movies and you don’t have to sneak it! As I sat watching Clue a few months back and Rocky Horror Picture Show the other week while sipping Troegs Perpetual IPA and Otter Creek Fresh Slice IPA I started to really put thought into all the places beer goes.

fresh slice moviesOur friends at Alter Ego Brewing brewed up a special keg of beer for a friend’s wedding as a gift. That beer was there for that special day in that moment shared by their friends and family. We take our beers tubing with us in the summer. Dales Pale Ale on a creek just feels so right. One of my close friends just welcomed her first child into the world. Immediately a beer was cracked and a toast made. Colleen had the pleasure of celebrating her husband’s daughter’s second birthday last month. Of course we enjoyed a great beer while showering Princess Leena with hugs kisses and gifts. Countless bottles and cans of craft beer have seen me naked when I take them with me in the shower. Sporting events, parties, and even fights amongst couples have all been witnessed many times by a silently observing beer.

When beer is being made I’m sure where your consumers are drinking it isn’t in the forefront of your mind, but when you take the time to think about it, it’s really cool to know that your beer will be a part of so many different things. Did Dogfish Head know that their 60 Min IPA was going to see Reel Big Fish with me last month? Definitely not, but it gives you something to think about.

Share your favorite stories of beer adventure below. Oh the places your beer will go.

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