New Fermenters at Tröegs Make Room for More Scratch, Splinter Beers

troegs new fermenters


HERSHEY, PA – Eight new 1,000-barrel fermenters are arriving at Tröegs this week, giving our small-batch Scratch and Splinter programs room to roam. Last year, we brewed more than 100 new Scratch recipes to serve in our Tasting Room, and for the first time we started getting bottles of our wood-aged Splinter beers beyond our walls. Now, we’ll be able to ramp up both of those programs.

“We’ve been under construction for 20 years,” says brewmaster and founding brother John Trogner. “And this is the next step in our strong, steady growth. These new fermenters will free up a bunch of our smaller tanks, and that’ll give us the flexibility to meet the demands of core beers that are growing and to dive deeper into creative brewing pursuits like Scratch and Splinter.”

Thanks to the success of beers like Perpetual IPA (up 26% this year), Troegenator Double Bock (up 10%), Nimble Giant Double IPA and our Hop Cycle seasonals, Tröegs is enjoying double-digit growth in 2017. This year, for the first time in our 20-year history, we’ll be looking to crack the 100,000-barrel production mark. Read more about Troegs new project here.

About Tröegs: Founded in Pennsylvania in 1996 by brothers John and Chris Trogner, Tröegs Independent Brewing is driven by a sense of adventure and curiosity. From the beginning, our brewery has been built by family, friends and kindred spirits who share a love of great beer.

“We’re not an English ale brewery,” says co-founder Chris Trogner. “And we’re not a German lager brewery. We take bits and pieces from each one of those traditions and try to come up with what we think is a very creative and great-tasting beer.”

Troegs is widely known for award-winning beers like Perpetual IPA, Troegenator, Nugget Nectar and Mad Elf, as well as our experimental Scratch Series, wood-aged Splinter Series and Hop Cycle Seasonals. The annual Art of Troegs contest showcases our love of art by challenging fans to reuse packaging in an original work.

“We’re drawn to people with a sense of adventure,” says co-founder John Trogner. “And we think they’re drawn to Tröegs.”

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