New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA – #30beersfor30years

30 beers for 30 years

Thursday was a beautiful day in the city of Harrisburg, but I was a rain cloud on a sunny day. After a long hard day at work and a rough week I didn’t want to be outside in the sun and warm air, I wanted to be inside and gloomy in a bar. Lucky for me, I have friends that are happy to join me, even when I’m not the princess of optimism. I took my cranky butt over to the Midtown Tavern, my favorite townie spot, and lucked into a new beer on tap – New Belgium’s new VooDoo Ranger.

So, I order VooDoo Ranger and my friend asks “so what makes it Voodoo? I’ve heard of Ranger but what’s the difference?” I didn’t know, so I did some research. Apparently this is a brand new brew from New Belgium that was designed to meet new consumer needs – basically we all want juicy dank IPAs now and they are delivering. So, the Voodoo Ranger part is a new series of brews coming from New Belgium, and the IPA is just the beggining. #TheMoreYouKnow

What is being presented as an “explosion of fresh cut pine and citrus” is mostly accurate. I got a huge punch of citrus at first, but as I drank the beer it lost that loving feeling and left me with a more herbal almost garlicky hop flavor. At first it was easy to drink, but half-way through I was over it. Maybe it was my bad mood, maybe it was just a rough week, but I really wasn’t feeling this beer. I didn’t even take a picture of it. I will, however, give it a second chance should I see it on tap again.

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