New Belgium Rolls Into Central PA

New Belgium Rolls into Central PA


Alright Central PA craft beer lovers: the beer gods are parting their clouds and bringing us something we’ve been waiting for for so long. That’s right, we’re FINALLY getting New Belgium! This week the Central PA Stouts & Stilettos ladies attended a pre-launch party to get ready for New Belgium to roll into the area.

Starting 8/31/2015 through W&L Distributors and Ace Distributing, New Belgium will arrive on the scene bringing you 5 of their offerings to start, and more popping up in the coming months. At the preview, we tried the classics: Fat Tire, Snapshot, Ranger, Slow Ride, and Pumpkick. We also hear Rampant will be part of the official launch, my personal favorite of their year-rounds. Here’s what to expect:

  • Fat Tire: do you love Yuengling, Sam Adam’s Boston Lager, or Shiner Bock? Drop them and grab a Fat Tire instead. This amber ale is available year-round and has a bit of biscuity malt flavor next to a balancing floral bitterness. Your new go-to.
  • Snapshot: by all means a great summer brew. This American pale wheat ale has a predominant lemon flavor mixed with bready wheat malts. Bright yellow, nice and light for a hot day.
  • Slow Ride: the perfect brew to #LiveSlowMo. This session IPA is a little piney with hints of citrusy zest with a surprisingly good body and mouthfeel. It’s not watery like a lot of session beers. Perfect for riding a three-wheeler (see pictures below)
  • Ranger: now this is a clean beer. Citrus hops lead this beer from aroma through taste but the finish is the classic West Coast style bitter hop flavor many know and love.
  • Pumpkick: hi, I love pumpkin beers, and this one was yumtastic. This brew utilizes cranberries for an unexpected depth of flavor as well as lemongrass. More of a spiced flavor than the vanilla flavors you can get in some pumpkin beers.


So, let’s talk about how fun this party was on Tuesday. New Belgium goes all-out for their launches, and you can tell they’re happy to be in PA! They had these awesome Slow Ride three-wheelers around for us all to ride on as we pleased, which I clearly took advantage of as long as possible. They had a selfie station from Tap Snap which we also definitely took advantage of because I’m the selfie queen. Chelsie’s favorite part, besides the beer of course, was the BMX bike show. Check out some of the pictures she snapped:

Overall, we are STOKED to have New Belgium finally available in our area. Which are your favorite New Belgium beers?



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