Mug Shots

We’ve all seen them, the countless obscured faces that follow us on various social media platforms like Twitter and Untappd. Maybe you even have one. A large number of the people I “talk” to on a daily basis are unfamiliar faces hiding behind a beer glass. As a lover of comic books I can appreciate the need to create a secret identity and the reasons can be varied.

Here are my favorite explanations as to why some of you may be secret social drinkers:

1. You have a high level government job and we if saw you, you’d have to kill us.

2. You’re that person who always “forgets” their wallet, and offers to buy…next time.

3. You tell your friends you still drink Miller Light (so you don’t have to share the good stuff).

4. You’re still hoping that skin condition will clear up on its own.

5. It makes stalking sooooooo much easier.

6. Bad teeth and no dental plan.

7. You radiate such beauty that were we to look upon your face we would never appreciate a sunset again.

8. You’re hiding from your sponsor.

9. Its been 3 years and your wife is still waiting for you to return home with the milk you said you were picking up from the store.

10. My favorite and the most obvious…we’re all superheroes …every. lastone. of. us.

If Superman can hide behind glasses and get away with it, than so can we.  What’s your reason for hiding behind that mug?

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