More Than Just a Check-In

ImageUnTappd has truly changed the way we drink beer, hasn’t it? It’s become far more social (as if beer really needed to be MORE social), and it has actually made a game out of drinking beer. Now we’ve all played beer drinking games before, but this is something totally different. It’s not a game that encourages you to get drunk, it’s a game that encourages you to drink BETTER! It’s like a grown up drinking game.

It’s happened on several occasions that someone rolls their eyes at me when I talk about trying a beer because it’s a new check-in. But you know what, I was really freaking proud of myself when I hit a new landmark. A few weeks ago I checked in my 1,000th beer. Seriously though… how cool is it to not only know that you’ve tried 1,000 totally different beers, but you can actually go back and see what they were. Striving to reach those benchmarks and get those badges, has encouraged me to try new things. IF I see a beer menu full of stuff I know for sure I like or at least don’t hate, but there’s one beer I’ve never tried before, I’ll usually go for that new beer. It’s given me that extra encouragement to step outside of my comfort zone and try things I would not have otherwise.

I have to admit I’ve become very anal retentive about checking in my beers, too. My brother recently gave me all kinds of heck when we were at a beer festival and I had to check in all the tasters. As I see it, a beer festival as a wonderful opportunity to try a vast selection of beers. When you’re trying over 50 beers, some that are awesome and some that are very un-awesome, it’s often hard to keep track of them all and even remember which one is which. Every beer gets checked in with a rating, and most of them get a note. Problem solved!

What do you guys think? Do you Untappd? What’s your motivation to check everything in?

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  1. Completely in love with Untappd. I used to just have my favorite craft beers and didn’t stray. Now I feel “compelled” to try a new beer I haven’t had. I am working my way to 2,500. Great milestones Untappd provides!

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