Miscreation Brewing Company

Miscreation Brewing Co. in Hanover, PA

Pennsylvania, like many states across the country, is seeing big growth in the craft beer scene. More specifically with numerous breweries popping up in record numbers. One of the newest editions to the South Central PA area is Miscreation Brewing Company in the historic little town of Hanover. Brothers Brent and Jason Stambaugh along with Mark Mathias opened the brewery in Spring 2015. It’s also one of four breweries that now call Hanover, PA home.

FUN FACT: Jason and Brent are cousins with the owners of the newly opened Something Wicked Brewing Co. located just a few doors down.

I stopped in recently for lunch and to do a little day drinking on what was a torrential downpour kind of day. It rained buckets. So why not stay inside where it’s cool and dry? Exactly.

Miscreation Brewing Co. Beer FlightTHE BEERS
The goal was to sample ALL THE BEERS so I could see the full range of their brewing skills. Plus, I like just about any style of beer and love to explore. But mind you, I love some styles more than others. That’s why I brought along a good friend that was willing to divide and conquer the flight of 8 selections currently on tap. The Plan: try them all with a sip or two. Then pick our favorites to finish off the glass. OK. So that was the plan. Turned out that I liked a lot of them and commandeered the majority of the samples. Hey! Don’t hate!! My friend was volunteering as Designated Driver so it’s not like I was stealing them from her. I was making sure she didn’t drink too much. (wink. wink.)

The Lineup:

  • ReCkleSs Imperial IPA (9% ABV / 130 IBUs)
  • PowderKeg IPA (6.4% ABV / 74 IBUs)
  • Pale Storm Pale Ale (5.4% ABV / 41 IBUs)
  • Spweach Impwediment Peach Wheat (4.8% ABV / 19 IBUs)
  • [dey-lahyt] Blonde Ale (5% ABV / 25 IBUs)
  • The Conjuring Cascadian Dark Ale (7% ABV / 77 IBUs)
  • MUSH MOUFF Wheat Wine (7.4% ABV / 19 IBUs)
  • Big Hill Ciderworks Summer Scrumpy Cider (This is made by a local cidery in Gardners, PA)

Miscreation Brewing Co. BeerMy favorite of the day was MUSH MOUFF. It had a light boozey taste with notes of apricot, cinnamon and raisen. I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet.

My second favorite was hard to determine. I really loved Spweach Impwediment so I’ll give the second place position to this tasty peach wheat beer.

I also appreciated what was going on with Pale Storm, [dey-lahyt], ReCkleSs and PowderKeg.

The Conjuring was smokey, dry with notes of coffee. I’m not a fan of coffee flavored dark ales on most occasions. That’s really the only reason I don’t have it on my “fav” list. Everyone’s palette is different. If you like coffee flavors and this is on tap, drink this beer!

p/s – I’ve checked each brew into Untappd if you want to see my ratings.

Currently, Brent (the Brewmaster), is using a 1 barrel system to produce the beers on tap. They go through beer so quickly, that they cannot offer growler fills just yet. But don’t worry. They’re already looking to secure a bigger brewery space just around the corner so they can expand their capacity to brew.

Stromboli Panini with Utz ChipsTHE FOOD
Since I was trying a little bit of everything on tap, I decided to go with the bold flavors of the Stromboli Panini served with local UTZ Chips to re-energize my palette. The sandwich was stuffed with pepperoni, ham, mozzarella, provolone, Italian seasonings and pizza sauce. “Yum!” doesn’t even describe it. The bread wasn’t so hard/dry that it cuts your mouth like some paninis do. It was nicely toasted but still soft. Think “Grilled Cheese” toasted bread.

The menu includes a variety of paninis, wraps, salads and finger foods. I wished I had had room to try the Blue Summer Salad that has diced apples, dried cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese on a bed of spring mix and topped with poppyseed dressing.

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While I was there, my good friends Sara Bozich and Jimi Werner of SaraBozich.com stopped in. It was a nice surprise. I guess we all had the same idea of how to spend a rainy Thursday. Jimi ordered the Award Winning Chili and gave it a thumbs up.

Me at Miscreation Brewing CompanyTHE DIGS
I have to say this might be my favorite part. Mostly because I get completely geeky over good design (#GoodDesignMatters). Especially when it’s craft beer designed spaces, logos and artwork.

See that stellar collage on the booth I’m sitting at? It’s actually small pieces of skateboard decks carefully cut and assembled into this wonderful work of art. This booth plus a table top on the second floor was designed by local artist, Rich Moorehead of Art of Board.

The decor inside is a mix of industrial and vintage elements. Lots of steel, wood and brick. A very eclectic and well put together space. I liked that the whole front of the taproom was a two-story high wall of windows. Located on the square in Hanover, you get to watch the hustle and bustle going on outside as well as taking in all the fantastic historic architecture across the street.

When planning your visit to Miscreation Brewing Company, be sure to check out their website, Facebook page and Twitter page for details on hours and special events.

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