Merry Christmas

Merry Christmahanakwanzika to you and your families! It’s been a great day for all of us, and it isn’t even over yet.


Colleen L is spending the day with family and New Holland Cabin Fever. Also, she goes some sweet Two Hearted bottle cap earrings!


Chelsie is having quite the beer-filled holiday with craft beer gifts and of course plenty to drink. Check out her awesome Craft Loyal hoodie!


Christmas for me just isn’t Christmas til I’m drinking Yunenglings with my younger brother and the rest of my Uncles. Don’t worry, there’s some good beer in the mix too, like this Sweetwater Brewing Festive Ale.


Colleen N got the best Christmas gift of all. Meet Joseph and Ophelia, the twins are here!!! Mama and babies are both doing well, but the babies were a little early are are still in the NICU for a bit while they work on getting bigger. Congrats and welcome to the world!

How did you celebrate the holidays so far?

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