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I haven’t always loved beer, in fact for a good part of my drinking life, I didn’t. I was a vodka girl, then I was a whiskey girl, then I was a tequila girl, then a vodka girl again. I’m still a wine-o now and then, but, my gateway to beer was Coors Lite. I was at a party in college and forgot to BYOB, which I did quite frequently since most parties had kegs. I went to college in a town with very cold temperatures, so instead of braving the cold, I sucked it up and started drinking beer. From there, the rest is history.

Well, sort of. For a long, long time I only drank Coors Lite. We were in love. Now and then, I would cheat and have a Yuengling if it was purchased for me, but never liked it (and still really don’t). Then, I was introduced to a little something called Golden Monkey. I remember it fondly. Some guys I will call ex-flame 1 and ex-flame 2 were working and living together for the summer. I got a mess of a text one evening, and the only words I could decipher were Golden Monkey. Once I Googled this phrase, it became clear to me why these messages were such a mess. There was a beer out there that was 8.5% ABV? I had no idea! The next time I went to visit the two of them, I had one and fell in love! From there I tried everything that I could with my college student budget. It wasn’t easy, especially since the 2 college bars (yes there were only 2) didn’t have a great selection, but I made due with Sam Adam’s Seasonal’s, Leinenkugels, and Troegs DreamWeaver (lots of DreamWeaver). Coors Lite and I have been divorced ever since.

My true love affair didn’t begin until after college. My world was expanded exponentially as I started finding more and more friends who had an interest in craft beer too. Since I have more opportunities, it seems that my lustings change with the seasons: spring and summer I still want my wheats, fall I need pumpkin and fest beers, and in winter it’s got be a good, rich stout. I find it hard to commit to just one beer, one style, one flavor, but my one constant has been the hefeweizen/wheat beer. I just hope they don’t mind my flings.

don't tell the hefes

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  1. Didn’t see a contact email address or form on the site, so I figured I’d comment here to reach out. I just read your post on the benefits of canned craft beers and saw that you like shower beers. I love ’em too! I make a little thing called a Shakoolie which is a shower beer can cooler. If you’d like one on the house to try out let me know and I will send one your way. Feel free to email me back. Love the blog, keep it up!

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